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Peter Knight
Peter Knight's Gigspanner

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Gigspanner Band Biography

Peter Knight’s Gigspanner has been hailed by Songlines magazine as
"another milestone in folk’s rebirth of cool", but those in the know will tell you that there is more to Gigspanner than meets the eye.

Without doubt, a bedrock of British traditional music is to be expected from Steeleye Span’s erstwhile legendary fiddle player. But, Gigspanner’s musical reach flirts audaciously with Eastern European, French, Cajun, African and even Aboriginal influences, transporting audiences on a “blistering pace of a musical world tour” (Phil Widdows, Folkcast). It is appropriate then that author Terry Pratchett wrote that “Peter Knight can spin the world on his Bow” 

Ultimately, the music Gigspanner produces confounds any attempt to label it, and it is that intriguing, indefinable ingredient that continues to inspire audiences of all leanings, bringing them back for more. As a trio they have successfully amalgamated the diverse sum of their parts, and have honed and polished a brand that is uniquely theirs.

Finding the perfect vehicle to showcase the breadth of his virtuosity, Peter’s musicianship within the context of Gigspanner is a revelation to those whose only experience of his playing has been limited to Steeleye Span.

Within Gigspanner, Peter’s musicianship is further enhanced by the flawless playing of Roger Flack on Guitar and Vincent Salzfaas on Congas and Djembe. Both have been described as "powerful and intelligent musicians in their own right" (Geoff Boudreau, Rye Arts Festival).

As a founding member of Celtic-Rock Band ‘The Tabs’, Roger is primarily a rock musician who shares Peters’ affinity with traditional material, whilst Vincent who has studied his craft in Senegal and Cuba, adds another dimension, one that is distinctly multi-cultural. As R2 magazine noted, it is Vincent’s musical presence that seals the deal with regard to what makes ‘Gigspanner different’.

What they do have in common is an unwavering, single minded commitment to dig deep and to load the music with something of value. Gigspanner’s audience knows that it is being honoured with a gift that is the difference between ‘entertaining’ and ‘spellbinding’.


Gigspanner’s Debut Album ‘Lipreading the Poet’ was named by 'The Wire' as one of the best 15 Global Albums of 2009. But ditch the pigeonholes. Gigspanner's commitment to producing "music of intelligently crafted brilliance" (Songlines) has paid off in spades, and they have now earned their place on the festival and concert stages of the UK and beyond.


"One of the best sets came from Peter Knight's Gigspanner...
Beautiful Instrumentals and fine treatments of traditional pieces"

R2 Magazine, Review of Great British Folk Festival 2012

“Intelligent, multi-lingual music making.
Gigspanner are marking out a distinctive zone of their own”

Julian Cowley, The Wire

“The Trio co-creates a depth of multi-textured melody
that belies the pared-down instrumental line-up.
Exceptional stuff, and not to be missed"

Noel Harvey, Acoustic Magazine

"Altogether gorgeous, music to sustain the spirit.
Rarely have I heard such insistent calls for encores"

Dai Jeffries, Rock 'n Reel Magazine

 “Great, innovative music, encompassing a variety of influences drawn from an invaluable career. Don’t let it be history that tells you how good. Be there.” Simon Rowan

(Folk in the Barn, Canterbury, Review)










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Deborah Knight
Telephone Mobile: 07974 842950
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