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Photograph by Perrine Nouvier
Peter Knight


15th November 2017

I have just posted the dates for the Knight and Spiers tour March 2018. Really looking forward to this one.

2nd November 2017

New Website

The time has come to pust aside my old copy of Dereamweaver, and let the pros take over. A new website for is nearly finished, and it wont be long before it goes live.

We are already thinking about a new Gigspanner website as well.

So watch this space.


8th of September 2017

The Story Behind the Album Title

'The Wife of Urban Law'

Who was Urban Law? And what's the story behind the album title?

All is revealed in the latest pledge update...

Thanks to the generosity of the people who have pre-ordered the album (a great way of getting it before its release) we are now at 77% of our goal.

Can we do this? We think that it is looking hopeful!

19th August 2017

New Album Launch: Crowdfunding Campaign

We are really excited to announce the launch of Gigspanner's very first Crowd-funding campaign, which has been devised by Edd Blakeley on the band's behalf.

Edd, who produced the album 'The Wife of Urban Law', is part of a fantastic and dedicated team involved in the various elements of the album's creation, and we are appealing to friends, followers and family to be part of the team that actually gets the album out into the world. We need your help, please!

The official launch date is the 31st of October, although pledgers will receive their copies two weeks early. In addition to the album, there is a range of other items to buy, including your own Gigspanner concert.

All information and an introductory video from Peter is found at this link:

Thanking you in advance for your support.

11th June 2017

A Special Concert to Celebrate Peter's 70th Birthday Year

The culmination of Gigspanner's exciting 'Cropredy Week' of concerts (see HERE for all dates), will be a unique, one-off concert to mark Peter's 70th Birthday year.

The Gigspanner Big Band, which also features BBC Folk Award winners Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, will be joined by 'Squeezy' John Spiers, the brilliant Melodeon player best known for his work with Bellowhead and his duo work with Jon Boden.

The concert will take place at The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury, on Sunday the 13th of August.
The stunning Artwork for the Poster was designed by Tim Marrs and Kate Williams


Roses Big band Poster


20th May 2017

Knight & Spiers Return to FolkEast 2017

In the summer of 2016, the organisers of FolkEast Festival had the grand idea of pairing Peter Knight and John Spiers for a special 'one off' concert at that year's festival.

In the event, it ended up being a genuine festival highlight, with no space to be found in the Marquee and people standing five deep in pouring rain. For a few minutes at the close of their performance, with a standing ovation and roars for more, it didn't seem as though the audience was going to let them was a genuinely spine tingling occasion. As the MC commented, it was one of those occasions when people could say "I was there".

It was clear that matters couldn't end there, and it is with great pleasure that we announce their return to FolkEast 2017.

Look out for details of their debut tour in March 2018. It's going to be a fabulous one. Knight and Spiers now have a Facebook page at

7th May 2017

New Track Available on Soundcloud

A version of 'Bold Riley', which was recorded especially for radio play, has now been added to Gigspanner's Soundcloud Profile.

15th April 2017

Gigspanner's 'Cropredy Week' Mini-Tour

Being invited to play at this year's Fairport Cropredy Convention, their 50th Anniversary no less, has led to a weeks worth of special concerts, with a variety of line-ups.
For full details, please visit the 'Live' page HERE



14th February 2017

Radio Interview

We trotted off to the BBC Tunbridge Wells on Sunday night to talk to a couple of presenters about our new album, and we are sending a rough mix of a song we are recording to BBC Radio Leeds folk show 'The Durbervilles'.

The show will be broadcast on the 19th of February.

We also spoke to Doug Welch, BBC radio Kent. Nice man.

We also went to the pub around the corner and drank some beer.


ps. Check out the Gigspanner site for more info and a pic.


8th February 2017

New Gigspanner Studio Album

I've written something about this on the Gigspanner website, so here's something a little different for my site.

Last night I went to the session in a pub in Hastings and drank lots of lovely beer and played loads of lovely music. What a great bunch of musicians to play with.

There is an Irish hornpipe that I played in the sixties with a fantastic fiddler called Martin Byrnes. I played it last night at the session and although one of the musicians sort of knew it, it's not a tune that's played very often these days. I love it. It's unusual and not predictable.

When I played it to Roger and Sacha they both loved it. We worked on it and it's just fantastic to play. It's one of those tracks that we will record together so that the energy of us reacting to each other's playing isn't lost by us recording our parts separately.

So there we have it. All good this end. rehearsals are going brilliantly, and there's lots of hard work and lots of fun. I do have the best job in the world. Oh! I forgot to mention the cheese on toast. Thanks Mr Flack.

Talk soon.


10th December 2016

Gigspanner Big Band Plays Cropredy

Our really big news, as many of you will have seen announced last night, is that the Gigspanner 'Big Band' with Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, has the honour of playing at Fairport's 50th Cropredy Convention in August.

30th November 2016

Full of Gigspanner.

At last. A few days off to catch up on all those things that have got away from me. This update being one of them.

My life is so full of Gigspanner work that my own endeavours away from the band take second place. I don't mind that. Usually, the reason why musicians in bands want to pursue solo work is that they are not satisfied musically in the band. I have no thoughts like that with Gigspanner. Roger Flack is the guitarist that inspires me to play my best.

You may have heard that Vincent, our drummer, has had to leave this tour for personal reasons, giving us a forced and unexpected opportunity to play with two other drummers, Gary Hammond and Sacha Trochet. Both brilliant drummers and a joy to play with. Life goes on. Vincent was very upset when he called me to say that he was needed at home and couldn't finish the tour. I have never experienced that. Horrible.

Gigspanner to one side for a moment, I will be playing some more with John Spiers. We have spoken about our gig at Folkeast festival earlier in the year, and both want to do some more playing together. When, where and how will be sorted in the new year.

Oh! Also sending my best wishes to Rick Kemp who I understand publicly announced that he will no longer be playing with my old band Steeleye Span. ( Not so much of the old! ) Good luck young Rick.

So all good. Three more gigs on this tour, three days recording my parts for the new Feast of Fiddle studio album, then heads down for Christmas.

I'm looking forward to getting home now, firing up my studio and getting on with some new material. Talk soon. Peter.

PS. Below is my post on Facebook.

A few days off to reflect on recent events.

As you may know, Vincent had to leave the tour for personal reasons, and we invited two drummers to play with us. Gary Hammond played seven gigs with us and he was an absolute delight to play with. He had lots of work that he couldn't shift, so he was driving home each night after the gig so that he could fulfil prior commitments. What a hero. His playing is so fluid and musical and just slotted in to Roger's and my playing as though he had played with us for years. Thanks Gary. You're a star.

Lucky again to have Sacha Trochet available to play four gigs with us. He has played two so far and two to go. His playing is also superb and right on the money with time and tempo and groove. We are so lucky to have had two great drummers playing with us, each giving their own unique musical personality and experience to this trio. A huge thanks to Gary and Sacha for turning a negative into a positive.


7th October 2016

Playing with John Spiers at FolkEast 2016

"Accomplished musicians both, the interplay between them seemed so natural that you would be forgiven for thinking that they had been taking to the stage as a duo for a decade rather than just that day.

With a wealth of material to draw upon it was a set of hornpipe tunes encompassing 'Easter Thursday' and '3 Rusty Knives', and set concluder French Canadian tune 'Isodores Reel' that caught my ears and left me hoping that on the strength of what I had just heard this wasn't going to be just a one off get together, but the start of a long term project. Superb".

Fatea Magazine review of FolkEast 2016.

2nd August 2016

Playing with John Spiers

I have been booked to play at one of my my favourite Festivals (Folk East) in a couple of weeks time, August 19th - 21st, and so has John Spiers. It had to be done. We have rehearsed for a couple of days and will be playing a set together. I'm loving it. I'm in my studio learning some new tunes and it has inpired me to learn more. He should be called John InSpiers. What a lovely player. During the rehearsal I recorded John playing some tunes, so I'm playing along with them to learn them, before weaving some of my own musical thoughts and expression into them. I'm having a great time.

So pop along to Folkeast festival and check it out if you can. John will be playing a set on his own, and I will be doing 'An Audience with Peter Knight" Everything you ever wanted to know about Steeleye but were afraid to ask :) I will be talking and playing and very relaxed. See you there.

Playing with Trevor Watts and Veryan Weston.

This is a dream come true for me. The gig is in London. It will be filmed. It will be special. It will be whatever it will be musically according to the chemistry between us on the night. Everything is pointing towards it being a fantastic musical experience. The time is right.

I asked Trevor to set this gig up. He has been playing with Veryan as a duo for a long time, and when I heard them play together about two years ago, I just wanted to get up and join in. I am intrigued to see where the music will go with my Fiddle in the mix. Very exciting. Both Trevor (Saxaphone}and Veryan (Piano}are extraordinary musicians, and I am so happy that they set this gig up. I can't wait

The gig is at the Cafe Oto. Here is a link.

21st June 2016

Gigspanner Soundcheck Video from The Convent, Stroud 'She Moved Through The Fair'

28th March 2016

Last chance to view our Convent gig at home.

Gigspanner's gig at the Convent was beautifully filmed, and the sound was superb. A huge thanks to Dave and Ian for the sound, and I'm not sure who was operating the cameras, but friends who watched the gig in France said it looked superb. "Gobsmacking" was the word.

The gig was streamed live, which is what the Convent is all about really. Our gig was being shown in the bar after the gig, and I had no idea that the result was going to be so good. I would certainly watch a gig from The Convent at home now I know the quality involved. Check out all the gigs they have coming up. Fantastic.

I think our gig is still up on the website for a couple more days if you fancy spending £7.50, grabbing a drink or two and getting the chip pan on. No driving involved. If technology carries on advancing like this, I won't need to leave home to go on tour.

Also, I have a new friend. His name is Tony Hazzard and he performed the night before. I watched all the artists, and was particularly moved by his songs. Turns out he's written songs for all sorts of famous people.

We drank till quite late, including a few Jagerbombs, and even got complaints from some young musicians who were sleeping in rooms above the bar. I love it. A couple of pensioners keeping the younguns up. Rock n roll. Actually, there were four of us. I think.

Finally, huge thanks to Matthew Roberts and Charlotte, plus all the team for an out of this world experience. Get well soon, Matthew.

Here is the link to our concert

Best wishes from Sunny Cornwall.


24th March 2016

Gigspanner news.

Live On-Line Streaming from The Convent

Our concert at The Convent, Stroud, will be available to watch via online streaming, and for one week afterwards.

Peter Knights Gigspanner, Live From The Convent, Stroud.

Special Concert To Be Streamed Live on Thursday the 24th of March. Available To View For Seven Days.

Tickets Available At This Link:

Please join us...we would love you to be part of what for us is a 'first'.

Even better, come and join us at The Convent for the real-deal experience.

Netgig has been created to bring you intimate, world class, live performance

Start watching live now:

1. Browse the shows
2. Make your choice
3. Buy your ticket (we accept credit/debit cards or paypal)
3b. Keep an eye on the countdown to the live broadcast
4. Watch and enjoy!

Once the live performance has finished you’ll be able to watch it as many times as you like for another 7 days, making it a performance you’ll never forget.

All gigs are filmed in front of a live audience using the world’s most innovative film and music technology. This gives you a live experience of unequaled quality however you’re viewing, from cinema screen to mobile.

Netgig performances take place at The Convent, one of the UK’s most inspiring, artistic and historic locations.

2nd March 2016

A second 'Musician of the Year' Award for Peter Knight

The year got off to a fantastic start in January when Peter was awarded the 'Musician of the Year' Award by Fatea magazine, and yesterday it got even better when announced that Peter had also won their inaugural 'Best Musician' Award as voted for by the general public.

Gigspanner also received a nomination in the 'Best Album' category.

29th February 2016

First Video Recording of the
Gigspanner 'Big Band' with Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin

In the lead up to our forthcoming tour with special guests Phil and Hannah, we will be releasing a few videos that were recorded last summer during our 'Layers of Ages' launch tour.

Once we had all experienced the music we made together, we knew that two gigs just wasn't enough and we were delighted when Bristol Folk Festival offered us a headline slot this year. It was all the excuse we needed...

For tour dates head to this link:


2nd of February

Nominations for Gigspanner and Peter Knight has announced its shortlisted nominees in the annual 'Folkies' Awards.

'Layers of Ages' is listed in the 'Best Album' category, and Peter in the 'Best Musician' category.

There are eight categories in total, all open to public voting.

9th January 2016

Fatea Magazine Award

Peter has won Fatea's 'Instrumentalist Of The Year Award for achievement in 2015'.

A list of all the nominees and winners of the various categories can be found here:

16th December 2015

Bring a Gigspanner concert into your home this Christmas.

Gigspanner's first DVD is now available from the online shop, and at concerts from February 2016.

Recorded this year at The Cut, Halesworth, there are 70 minutes of listening time.

Watch the trailer at:

Buy Here: Online Shop

2nd December 2015

'Hard Times of Old England' Official Video.

Another Extraordinary video from Perrine Nouvier to accompany the track 'Hard Times of Old England' from our recent album 'Layers of Ages'.

Thanks Perrine. xx


12th November 2015

'Gigspanner Live in Concert' DVD

A 74 minute recording of highlights from a concert recorded at New Cut Arts Centre, Halesworth, will be available in the next few weeks at concerts and from our online shop.

To be kept up to date with further news please join our mailing list here:

In the meantime, here is a seven minute montage of footage to give you a taste of what is to come:

Friday 28th July 2015

Yes. I am still alive and well and living the dream. Not bad eh?

Being a dreamer, I have always lived the dream. Some have turned into nightmares, and others have sadly faded into a reality. Tom Waite's song 'We are innocent when we dream' always struck a chord with me. Bob Johnson, BA, MA, clinical phsycology degree, ex Steeleye, told me that the meaning of dreams is up for grabs. Make of them what you will.

I have musical dreams, and when I was in Steeleye Span, I used to have anxiety dreams. I haven't had an anxiety dream for a while now. I do miss them...alien landscapes and a fiddle case with a plank of wood in it. Lost underneath the stage with no way out. Boarding the wrong plane on the wrong day with the wrong band. Oh sorry! That last one wasn't a dream.

All good now though...

We recently got a ferry to the UK after a spell at home in France. First stop was a hugely enjoyable weekend of teaching at one of my Masterclasses, followed by a couple of days with Roger and Vincent checking out some footage of a Gigspanner concert.

We aimed for a few decent Youtube clips, and we have ended up with a DVD, which we hope to have ready for our November tour.

On the subject of teaching, for the past couple of years I have held a five day course for string players in France. This takes place in late September/early October and you can find details HERE.

It's actually four days work with a day off in the middle. It's a very rewarding few days.

I am in Shropshire at the moment enjoying a few days off with family. We will be returning to France in a few days time to work on new material for Gigspanner's November tour. Our recent CD 'Layers of Ages' received great press reviews, and we have enjoyed some very decent radio play. All good news and all thoughts to the future.

Best wishes for now,

Peter x

Wednesday 29th April 2015

New video for 'Death and the Lady'

Perrine Nouvier has created a film for one of the tracks on the new Gigspanner cd. 'Death and the Lady'. It is a track of her choosing. How she has visually enhanced this song in my view is stunning. She is an extraordinary film maker, and no amount of words could fairly describe what I sense and feel when I watch it. Thanks Perrine.

Here it is. For all the latest news on Gigspanner's new cd 'Layers of Ages' please go to


Wednesday 1st April 2015

New Album 'Layers of Ages' now available for Pre-Order.

Orders may now be placed for Gigspanner's new studio album, which is due for release on Monday May 11th 2015.

Sample Tracks Here

Pre-Order Here

Album Launch Tour Dates Here

25th March 2015

Hi again.

I'm going to keep things simple. As Peter Knight news is Gigspanner news, at the moment anyhow, here is what I have written on the Gigspanner website.

New Studio Album

Hi all. I know. It's been a while. Sorry about that. I'm sure you know that the reason for neglecting the website for so long is because I haven't been neglecting the music. I have proof :)

Gigspanner has spent the past few months recording a new studio album called 'Layers Of Ages'. We recorded in our own studios, and then pulled it all together at the end with the help of a young and dynamic Man called Edward Blakeley. We spent the best part of a month with Edward, overdubbing, mixing and mastering. We are well pleased with the result.

We will be loading up a dedicated page in a short while, with sound samples of the tracks, artwork etc, so for now I'll simply give you some idea of what to expect.

The music is mostly traditional, and the approach is how we always approach the music. We like to leave enough room within the arrangements to spread out and stretch the music a little. There is nothing more exciting than finding yourself lost in a new layer of spontaneous and inspired music. Having said that, we are aware that it is the song that has to live, so the music has to enhance and not hinder.

Gigspanner has grown organically since its conception, so we decided to give it a present by asking a few people to help us with this album. Elly Lucas for the cover shot, and Jane Brace to handle the publicity. Tim Marrs has again produced a beautiful sleeve design, with type setting by Kate Stretton, and I have already mentioned Edward Blakeley. We will have film and video to help promote this cd, and the launch tour is in June. The official release date is May 11th, and pre-orders will be from April 1st. No. It's not an April fool joke.

I will get back to you with lots more information in a while, but for now I have some practice to do. The 'Feast of Fiddles' tour begins straight after the Gigspanner tour in four days time, and I can't let Hugh Crabtree down.

Back in a while.



31st July 2014

Masterclasses 2015

Due to my 2015 July Masterclass being fully reserved already, I have made the decision to host two UK Masterclasses next year.

Further information can be found on my dedicated page, HERE

17th July 2014

'Death and The Lady' First Rehearsal Recording

Here is a link to Roger and myself playing 'Death and the Lady'. It is simply the beginnings of our arrangement of this song, recorded with one mic placed anywhere so that we have a reference. Never meant to be put out to the general public, but hey, it's that sort of world these days. All the better for it say I. Our first public performance of this song will be at Nettlebed this coming Monday. Good luck studio.

Soundcloud Link

16th July 2014

Violin Restoration Photos

I have just put the first pictures into the Gallery. They are photos of the restoration of my favourite Violin. Incredible.

19th June2014

'Death and The Lady'

Yes! I am out of my period of rest. My nails are long and I couldn't play my fiddle now without cutting strings. I will cut them tomorrow like a gunfighter getting his guns ready for his next step into the battle.

After leaving Steeleye, I decided that I would not head straight into my studio, that lovely place that beckons, but to another lovely place that beckons. The place that is full of time and wonder. the place where deadlines are banned, and talk of work in progress is whispered like a thought. Not to be shared. Not to be taken as gospel. There's a word.

When I return to the UK, I will be fighting fit. Short nails, a fiddle that nestles and feels comfortable, and a mind that is prepared to not waste my time, or anyone else's, so that I can sleep, smile, wonder and ponder without fear. If you shoot form the hip then your aim will be true. If you lie and deceive and shoot blanks, and have to shield your hidden agenda with every stumbling word, then your aim will be aimless and fruitless and of no real value. It's not what we achieve in this short life we find ourselves having, it's more about how we achieve it.

So. This is me saying I am about. I love music and all that it is. I do not love all that it attracts, but at last I am old enough, and ugly enough, to remove myself mentally and physically from all that I find uncomfortable, and find that path that is even less trodden than the less trodden. Good hunting say I.

I have had a beautiful time here in France for the past two months, and in three weeks I will be in the UK armed with whatever ammunition I have gained from this well deserved time out.

Gigspanner have been working on new material, including a song that is perfect for us. It is a song that we have searched for. It is a song that my wife Deborah found. It is a song that is sung and performed by Martin and Norma. Norma and Eliza transformed the tune from a good tune to a great tune. I love it. Thanks Ladies. It is a tune that is now perfect for Roger to play on and around. We have a rehearsal recording for reference that I may put out so that you can hear it before we record it proper. Very exciting. I have also been waiting to find a song that I can play my Octave fiddle with the Rat pedal as in 'Bonny Black Hare'. This is the one.

So leaving you with that thought, I am signing off.

I trust all is well with you and yours and we will see you on tour.

Best wishes,


2nd April 2014

Feast of Fiddles

The Feast of Fiddles tour is about to begin. We kick off at Nettlebed Folk Club for two nights. All the dates for the tour can be found on the Feast of Fiddles Website.

See you on tour. :)

1st April 2014

'An Ancient Cause' Re-release, Plus Two Bonus Tracks

The remastered re-release of 'An Ancient Cause' is now available from my on-line shop, and will also be available at gigs of course.

I have been working with Edd Blakeley on remastering the album, and with the intervening 23 years of advancement in technology, it sounds better than ever.

Tim Harries came over to the States and worked on it with me and his playing is superb. Although Tim has guested with Gigspanner quite recently, I had forgotten just how beautifully he played on this CD.

There are two bonus tracks. 'From A Lullaby Kiss' and an instrumental version of 'She Moved Through The Fair'.

Purchase HERE

5th February 2014

New Song And Video

During the 2013 Feast of Fiddles tour, I was backstage wondering what to play for my solo spot, and I decided to sing a song I had only just written but never performed, called 'From A Lullaby Kiss'.

Since then, it has taken on a life of its own, and I have received many emails from people asking me when it would be available on an album.

Well, at some point it will be on a CD, but for now, here is a link to a recording of the song, accompanied by a video created by Perrine Nouvier. A film maker and friend.

I hope you like it.

14th November 2013

Leaving Steeleye Span

Dear friends,

I will be leaving Steeleye Span at the end of this next winter tour, November / December 2013.

I couldn't have chosen a better tour to call my last.

I have given this a lot of thought, and without getting complicated, my reason is simple. Enough is enough.

Best wishes,

Peter x

27th March 2013

Sound Samples

Sound samples of 'Cobweb, Moth and Mustardseed' Now available.
Click on Soundcloud Logo.

SoundCloud Logo




20th March 2013

‘Cobweb, Moth & Mustardseed’

I was recently given the honour of composing and recording a piece of Music for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, and information about that commission is detailed HERE

The piece of music ‘Cobweb, Moth and Mustardseed’ is also available as a CD, and is now available to order from my online shop HERE


My old site is resting in pieces. It will be remembered fondly.

It was impossible to update on a regular basis, and had to be changed, so this is the starting point. There may be a few things from the old site that could be restored, and time will tell. As it stands, this new site will be much easier for me to update on a regular basis, without having to battle against code from a different and now unavailable web editor.

Many thanks,










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