Peter Knight

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Peter Knight


"Peter Knight can spin the world on his bow,”

so said no less a philosopher and writer than Sir Terry Pratchett, a man who knows what it is to invent a world…several actually.


Equally at home in diverse worlds/scenarios, Peter is a skilled practitioner who conjures and crafts aural images as well as contrasting soundscapes.


His years of experience crossing boundaries and genres means his music falls beyond categorisation and narrow thinking. Ask him and he’ll more than likely respond that he plays what makes him happy or satisfies his melodic curiosity, which basically comes down to a philosophy that allows for questing, enquiry and partnership whilst constantly pushing the envelope.


From beginnings in the rarefied halls of the Royal Academy to international stages the world over with Steeleye Span who strove to give ancient roots contemporary guise, via the endless morphing of free music with respected specialist Trevor Watts, gentle classical reflections in his solo offerings and work for the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, there is nothing predictable about a musician whose music is as mercurial as quicksilver but always thoroughly absorbing, distinctive, enduring and above all fascinating.


Simon Jones. (fRoots.)















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